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Mc Donald's Is Dumb?

Today is the first day that my son goes to work. The whole family is so proud of him.

I could recall my first job when I was 14 years old. Working as a cleaner and was challenging. Cleaning a factory compound and office area for $15 a day. Today Abraham is taking the first step in becoming a responsible man.

Abraham told me that he is being paid to go for training. 'Papa, Mc Donald's is so dumb; they pay me while I undergo training. They are making a loss,' said Abraham.

I asked why him why would he say that?

'Papa, it is so obvious, right? I am not productive. I did not sell a single item for Mc Donald's, make no money for them and yet they are paying me salary while I sit in the classroom.' Claims Abraham.

If you think training your staff and paying the salary while they undergo training is expensive and is a money-losing decision. Wait till your team starts doing the wrong things, losing more significant money for your company or offence your clients and losing the sales.

Then you will know why it is super cheap to train and pay their salary while you qualify them.

A few days ago, one of our consultants asked me for my opinion on one of his client's new office selections. I ask him to charge the client for this service, or I will not give my two cents worth of thoughts.

He said his client would not pay. The client says our office selection package is too expensive.

The same theory applies; training your staff is expensive, but the untrained staff is even more costly.

Office selection fee is expensive; getting the wrong office with a poor Feng Shui will cost the company more, maybe even bring down the business.

When your client does not value your knowledge, skill, merchandise etc., step away from them.

Business is two-way traffic; no one is more superior. The client has the money, but we have the goods, knowledge, skill that they need.

Unless both parties can come to terms with both wins, no point in having a one-sided relationship.

Two days ago, I went to Yishun to conduct a Feng Shui audit. 5 years ago, Rebecca and her husband engaged in our services and subsequently referred many clients.

3 years ago, they decided to go into the nail salon business, and we were again engaged. The company grew, and this year in May, Rebecca opened her second shop in Yishun.

But this time, she did not hire our service because she felt we were a little pricey.

One hundred and twelve thousand is the amount lost to date. When I met Rebecca two days ago in her shop, she was not her usual self already, desperate and lost.

Rebecca invited us back to audit her new shop because she was unsure how to continue or end the business.

Sadly, all the conditions that are not good for business are there. I would advise Rebecca against taking up the shop should she come to us in May.

Missing sectors for Northeast, which represent the years 2021 and 2022. Bows and arrows from Northeast and East. Which means they will have staffing and sales problems all the way.

During my three hours of audit in Rebecca's shop, not a single walk in. Poor thing. Comparing one thousand plus dollars for shop selection and one hundred and twelve thousand, which would you select?

Don't be penny-wise; pound foolish.

Mc Donald's is not stupid; on the contrary, they are super bright.

Thank you, Mc Donald's, for the beautiful meals and the excellent time you provided us for so many years and now helping to train our son into a man with a good work ethic. Appreciate it.

Quote of the day:

Foolish Men Look For Cheap Deals, Wise Men Look For You.


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