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No One Use Pager Already!

To those old farts out there!

If you are having concerns about your business in this current situation, if you are wondering can your company pull through, will the government give you more help and grant to see you through this hard time; is because you didn't want to change.

If your children or employees have been telling you, urging you for the longest time to move with time, to automate, to go online, to have an e-commerce, to be present in social media but you didn't listen. You deserve to fail.

You bought out your heroic success story to bombard them, shame them for beginning inexperience and naive every time the younger generation has some new proposal that will change your company's fortune and moves with time. You are f%@ked! Time waits for no one. If you and only with a small little chance of 'if', if you do survive this crisis. I hope you wise up. I hope you start to listen more to the younger generation. The young and inexperience have dreams, and they need your encouragement and not your cold water. Do you remember that you were young once? You were full of ambition and aspiration.? Give the younger generation a chance. They need a platform; share and build the platform with them. Or they will create new ones and you are left with memories and nothing else. Laugh with them (the young generation) together to the bank. Not laugh at them.

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