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Please Will Your God Before You Die!

Mary’s mother wishes to renovate their 36 years old flat and would like to seek some advice on their house’s Feng Shui. We spoke in length over Google Meet, and she has some severe concern which I understand and feel her. Mother’s problem is the same issue that happened in my family recently.

Mother has been praying to her ancestors and 大伯公 (Da Bo Gong) for the longest time. However, her children have no wish to continue her practice when it is time for her to be in a better place. This agitates her and has given her many sleepless nights; it is eating her up. “Aiyo, how to address my ancestors? Will they be cared for in the temple? What if I got no time or is not well to visit them, will they be angry with me?” mother talks to me with anxiety.

These are the same concerns when my dad passed on two months ago and left all his God, Goddess, ancestors in a house he shared with my brother. The same thing happened that is happening around the world every day; devotees left their God and Goddess in the hands of others and went straight to heaven.

Now as much as we hate to admit it or maybe we are in the state of denial, we all are going to leave this planet one day. And as much as your lawyers, will writers go, non were taught in school to express their concern of your God, Goddess, and ancestors. How do I know? My brother is a lawyer; he was equally in a dilemma as I was when our father migrated.

So, to prevent any sudden orphaned God, Goddess, and ancestors from happening; may I propose the following. Address the accommodation arrangement for them or give instruction to your next of kin how would you like them to be taken care of before you even think of lifting a pen to fill up your migration application.

Good instruction and a sound will can safe many sleepless nights and quarrel (Not That This Happened in My Family)

Oh, one more important thing before I end this blog, placing your ancestors, God and Goddess under a tree is not a good idea.

Quote of the day:

When you meet your creator, let him/her know that you left them in good hands before visiting.


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