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Postman Can Do The Job

Client: Master, I heard these days can use services provider to clean, pray and burn offerings to our relatives in this coming Qing Ming, can like that or not? My ancestors tomb in Malaysia. We all cannot go over leh.

Me: Desperate time calls for drastic measures and creative solutions. Can try leh, no choice mah. Modern Day needs Modern Solution.

Client: Like that will it lost the intention and the purpose of Qing Ming? Not traditional any more. Strangers are praying on our behalf.

Me: When I die, and if my children ask the service provider to burn money, car, plane, house, jewellery, food, laptop, Ipad, handphone, clothes, etc. for me, I don’t care who the postman is; so long I receive my offerings.

Client: Yah lah, like that, feel less guilty. 

Image byDevanathfromPixabay

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