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Rainbow House

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

“The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky’… you may be able to recognise that this is part of the lyrics for the song What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

Last year, we conducted a Feng Shui audit for a property agent; he was not doing well. Zero sales in the booming property market for over one and a half years. He has been married for many years but was unsuccessful in forming a family. It was out of desperation that he engaged our service.

The moment I stepped into the house, I noticed that the colours on every wall were different. Meaning to say he has a rainbow house, a little too gaudy and loud for my liking.

Out of curiosity, I asked why is your house so colourful. Is this the theme your interior designer created for you all?

His answer threw me off the chair. ‘It is the advice from the previous Feng Shui Master, and you know him as well; you all went to the same Feng Shui Academy together.’ replied my client.

I was taken aback and furiously defended my teacher’s name. To show credentials for my teacher’s teaching, I shared with my client one of the training his previous Master and I attended together.

I told my client my teacher’s training is based on facts science with real-life examples. During that overseas training in Kuala Lumpur, one classmate painted her bungalow into rainbow colours after consulting a Feng Shui Master and was miserable with her life. She later divorced, failed business, had disagreements with children, etc.

I mean literally from the horse’s mouth with theory and life examples, the class concluded that colourful walls do not improve Feng Shui.

Painting the south cardinal of the house with red, green on the East cardinal and blue on the Southeast walls does not improve Feng Shui.

The advice from my fellow Feng Shui classmate to paint my client’s wall with so many colours puzzled me till today.

Quote of the day:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

-Nelson Mandela-

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