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Your God Cannot Be So Useless!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

On one good afternoon, our client texted us; she just read an article online about there should not have any mirror near the front door. The reason is that the mirror will defeat the 门神 (Men Shen AKA Door Gods). She is a little concern.

I am not a religious person; our company do not practice any religion in our Feng Shui Audit. BUT I know a little mirror cannot conquer the Door Gods, they are after all ‘Gods’., They cannot be so useless. Or are they?

So to back up my theory, I went to do some research on the Door Gods. The Door Gods are two Generals, Qin Qiong and Wei Chigong(秦琼和尉迟恭) that serve and protect Emperor Li Shi Ming (李世民) a very well love Emperor by his people. The Emperor realised that the two Generals are working day and night tirelessly guarding his palaces. Hence, the Emperor commissioned an artist to have the portraits of the two Generals painted on the palace door.

The paintings are to recreate a look-alike and so potential intruder thinks that the two Generals are on duty all the time and put off thoughts of invading. When the population learns about what the Emperor did, they follow suit. Every household on the landed painted the portraits of the two Generals on their front door.

The two portraits are to drive away intruders and ill-intended individual. These two General are highly skilled in Kungfu and loyal to the Emperor, and later both become known as Door Gods. They are protecting the households against anything wrong from entering the house.

I also advise my client, only read articles that are written by reliable Feng Shui Masters and not from sources that are not credible. Many ‘Feng Shui articles’ are written by copywriters that cannot tell the difference between north and south, or worst they cut and paste from different articles to make up their work.

Feng Shui is simply common sense if you like our style of approach to Feng Shui, visit us for a floor plan analysis to learn more about your property.

Quote of the day:

Gods are powerful; you are just not worth helping.


Image by Yuankai Chan from Pixabay

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