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Jeremy Liang

Tennis Coach

Although I had never believed in Fengshui before, Sharon’s warm demeanour convinced me that it was time to attempt a life-change - she not only performed Fengshui on my home, but also a name change, and phone number change.


Immediate effects were improved health and digestion. Next, I was overwhelmed by a sudden increase in business from every possible channel. The rate and amount of business that poured in was almost a bit too much to handle. Sharon, you should have warned me that it would be so effective!


She performs the changes that need to be done, in the most straightforward manner. I am both glad and thankful that I did this. Thanks, Master Sharon.

Jennifer Ho

Logo Singapore

I went for a successful interview and secured a job with Lego. My stomach is no longer bloated. In Nov 2014, we even managed to save up some money to bring my father for a holiday in China. Thank you, Master Sharon!

Jeslyne Lam

IDezign Studio Pte Ltd.

'...and 1 small project seem to come back to live ahahha, Had some surprise call n enquire ...'

Karen Ho


‘The greatest surprise came  when my agent called within a month from when I did my remedy to say that someone would like to rent my unit. Many thanks to Sharon.’

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Douglas Siaw

Pass PSLE and Express

May 2014 Douglas failed 3 subjects in the mid-year examination. Master Fong set an academic star place for Douglas to place his study table and 2015 without any additional tuition Douglas passed his PSLE and accepted into Express Class with an A in English. We are very happy and pleased. Thank you Master Fong.

New Nyew

New Nyew Design

'This morning got 3 new owners call to meet up today! Thanks to your power.'

Geri Yoong

‘Hi Sharon, i don't know is it the aura of the Feng Shui taking effect but deals are coming today like crazily :) lol busy but fruitful. Anyway, just wanna thank you for you have done for us;)'

Richard Yea

Design 4 Space

'Thanks Sharon, after 'pai zhen' Edmund got 4 referral to meet up with ... Can I also met appt for you to view my house? Heex...'

David Kang

Luxespace Interior

I am David and I own a interior design firm before moving to my current location; after relocating my office, business turn south big time. I only managed to have an average of 4 new projects a month. I got very worried and decided to seek help from Sharon for Fengshui advice. I am determine to improve my current situation.

Sharon did an On-Site audit for my office; Sharon wanted me to move some of the planters in my office to another corner and move my working table to another cardinal point in the office, fix a few light blubs in a corner etc., 

My firm managed to secure new projects the following month after the Fengshui audit. Wow! That is an improvement in sales.

Thank you very much Sharon.

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