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Stopping at a traffic junction about a kilometre away from my house, I notice a cyclist all suit up with reflective jersey paddling pass me. I took a closer look and see that it is my neighbour Calvin Sim. Looked at the clock on my dashboard; it is only 4.38 am. I got to give it to him, Calvin is out doing his morning training while many are still in bed.

Calvin is our homegrown national cyclist that specialised in track cycling. He has his eye pinned on a medal in this year Olympic in Tokyo. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19, the game is postponed till the year 2021, and there is a high chance that the world may not have a game next year at all.

In the year 2017, Calvin won the country's first men's South-East Asian (SEA) Games cycling gold medal; he was 27 years old. Next year should the Olympic successfully held in Japan, Calvin will be 31 years old.

Calvin has been my neighbour for almost twelve years, I know he is a national cyclist but knew very little about him until we set down and had a chat when he visits my father's wake a few months back. I think I know Calvin's daughter more because she comes over to play at my house.

The last I spoke to Calvin outside our house was two days ago, we talked briefly about the chances of a Tokyo Olympic happening next year and his answer was nobody knows for sure it will take place. With the uncertainty, Calvin did not give up his dream on the Olympic Gold Medal. I woke up and went for my favourite fifty years old recipe carrot cake (I will share more in my next blog). But Calvin is up working towards his dream.

It is every athlete's dream to win the gold medal in Olympic. How many four years does an athlete have? We all know their career span is concise. Many athletes that were supposed to be competing last summer are looking forward to the coming Tokyo summer. All athletes had trained hard and made many personal sacrifices to realise their dream. If there is no Olympic next year, this unimaginable scenario will shatter many hearts and dreams.

Many people only dream, few people wake up and work on their goal. A dream will only come true if you work for it. During this pandemic, many of us will have set back. Many will not pick themselves up. However, those that believe in their dream and want their dream to come valid will. Success will be sweeter when you overcome many atrocities.

Many are looking for an easy way out by exploring into Feng Shui for a shortcut. Few remarkable ones wake up and work hard, and soon they will stand at the winning podium.

Oh, I think I failed to tell you all that Singapore does not have a velodrome (an arena for track cycling) and Calvin is in a disadvantage situation compare to his competitors. BUT this detrimental issue will not stop him and cannot stop him from getting his Olympic Gold Medal. I wish Calvin will achieve his dream and make Singapore proud again.

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Quote of the Day:

Feed 'Hard Work' into a dream, and it will come alive.


Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

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