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Little Boy & Fat Man

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Sitting on a tall table, sipping Suntory Black Beer, and sharing a lovely plate of fries and pork loin with my long time Insurance friend (Steven). I was trying to explain to him why I do not take in Bazi (Date & time of birth) reading for my Feng Shui Audit.

Listening attentively to my explanation (I appreciate his focus) Steven came up with his version of understanding, an example which I am so impressed that I wanted to share with everyone. However, I wish you do not take it in bad faith and take it out of context.

Four babies are born every second around the world. Not one of them will share the same life story. Any Feng Shui Master that based the Feng Shui audit of the house on the occupant’s Bazi alone is not doing his job correctly.

Little Boy is the name of the atomic bomb that dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was hurt by Fat Man. About 45,000 people died when Little Boy hit Hiroshima and Fat Man took nearly 20,000 lives from Nagasaki instantly. All 65,000 people do not share the same Bazi but share the exact death anniversary. It is because they were at the same ‘place’.

‘Place’ is Feng Shui. Based on the facts presented to you regarding Little Boy and Fat Man; the ‘place’ that you are going to live in is more important than your Bazi.

Having read this blog, ask yourself a question, what is the Feng Shui of your property?

One of the most common questions that potential client will ask me is why you do not need my Bazi to analysis my property? It is because the surrounding environment of your house is already able to shed light on your family’s health issue, characters, luck etc.

Click on this link to have your house analysis. It is a complimentary service.

Quote of the Day:

No mouse wants to live near a mousetrap. The problem with the human is, most do not know where THEIR TRAP is.


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