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Rich Forever?

Firstly, I want to thank all the readers that commented, and personal messaged me on James's story. This the part two which I promise. Enjoy.

James asked me a question which many people before him did. Which is more important? Good luck or hard work? James asked because his understanding from a particular Feng Shui Master tells him that personal lucky is more important than hard work. That Feng Shui Master explained that you could work very hard, but if your luck is not right, you also go nowhere.

I did not give him a straight answer; I asked him a question to let him think through. How many people you know we are born with a silver spoon and lost it all. Be it through bad decisions, lazy, took things for granted or simply stupidity, inadequate financial knowledge? Can you name me someone apart from yourself?

How many people you know had a humble background and became inspirational figures to many? I am sure you can name them. I do not think they became what they are because they are lucky or their Bazi is excellent.

All the successful people I know work very hard and very focus in their work to become what they are. Many come from humble background went through unimaginable hardship, tolerated unbearable pain, spend many thousands of hours focusing on perfecting their trade and continue learning to be at the top of their game.

The more you work on your craft, the luckier you are.

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Quote of the Day:

A small percentage are born with a silver spoon. But many are trying very hard to provide a sliver spoon to their offsprings.


Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

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